Our Company

Heather and Jake Kreilick own Lake Missoula Tea Company. After drinking a bag of loose leaf tea a friend left at their house (the friend owns a tea company in Tacoma) they were so impressed with the quality that they started their own tea company. Doors opened in 2012 in Missoula, Montana.

Lake Missoula Tea Company’s name is inspired from the last Ice Age.  During this time, a vast glacial lake covered the Missoula Valley and a land bridge connected Asia to North America. Our name symbolizes the cultural connections that originated when humans migrated to new places and our tea provides a tangible connection to this history.  Drink and enjoy our tea with these connections in mind.

Lake Missoula Tea Company seeks artisanal, premium tea

Strong ties to the tea farms we visited in Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Kenya and Colombia give us great confidence that we offer the world’s best tea. These trips allow us to build a sustainable, organic source of quality teas from farms working at the village scale. Despite being relatively inaccessible due to their remote, wildland settings, we’ve witnessed the establishment of a workforce – pickers, processors, and farmhands – helping drive local economic development.

Our leaf collection boasts every variety, from fine Taiwanese oolong to Yunnan black produced by ancient tea trees to Darjeeling District tea (that also has an elephant sanctuary).  We are confident in the quality of our teas and our ability to continue to source new and innovative brews.

Our Staff

Lake Missoula Tea Company Staff

Lake Missoula Tea Company Staff