Puerh Earl Grey Tea




Puerh Earl Grey Tea

Puerh Earl Grey Tea has a bergamot front flavor and finishes with an earthy taste.  This is a well  balanced blend and a great introductory tea if you are interested in puerh tea.  Earl grey is the most popular flavored tea, and this is a blend with a puerh twist.  The puerh gives this earl grey an earthy undertone and overall smoothness.

Chinese puerh tea and bergamot


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  1. Edward DeMartini Jr.

    Tea ball measurement should read “tea spoons” not “oz” sorry.

  2. Edward DeMartini Jr.

    Bought 100 grams back in late June at the store in Missoula. It lived up to the claims made by the young lady at the counter for taste and reuseability. Used it as my travel tea and could get three or four cups from one two of three oz tea ball. Just ran out this last weekend, 22 Oct. Got two, 12 cup pots both Sat & Sun from what I had left. Really a good tea and economical to boot. Highly recommend it.

    • Heather Kreilick

      Hi Edward, Really glad you like the Puerh Earl Grey Tea. And glad to hear you were steeping your tea a few times, puerhs are great teas for re steeping. Thank you for the feedback and using us as your tea provider ; )

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