Cape Town Grey


Cape Town Grey is our premiere caffeine-free earl grey. This tea contains rooibos as its base instead of the more traditional black tea found in an earl grey. The result is a simply delicious and beautiful tea you can drink anytime of day. Read on for the particulars of our Cape Town Grey tea.



Cape Town Grey

You asked for it, we heard you and we delivered. For all of those looking for a caffeine-free earl grey, this is the tea for you. Our twist on the classic earl grey is simply delicious and beautiful. This earl grey blend brings taste and quality to your tea cup, without the caffeine!

We want to take you around the world to this tea’s roots. Rooibos is the tea base in this blend. Rooibos, or red tea, is endemic to South Africa and is harvested from a coastal plant that is naturally caffeine free. We named this botanical blend after the South African capitol, Cape Town. Cape Town is geographically near the region where rooibos is sourced. And you would undoubtedly have plenty of rooibos if visited Cape Town.

If you found yourself in Cape Town for a rugby match, you’d have plenty of opportunity to drink a cup of “red tea”. You might even find yourself perched on top of Table Mountain, the Southern Ocean in view, soaking in the sites of the city with a cup of rooibos in hand.

Now backtrack to reality. As you sip, the bergamot in this blend pops and then levels out. This creates an overall flavor experience that is balanced and stands on its own. We know you’ll love this caffeine-free earl grey blend as much as we do.

With rooibos*, peony, peppercorn, flavor, *organic.

Caffeine free. A made in Montana tea.


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