Tea Services

Lake missoula tea company (lmtc) provides several tea related services:

Our Tea Services:

Tea Bar

LMTC has the only exclusively tea “tea bar” in Missoula, Montana (and perhaps all of Montana). You can have a hot cup ( 16 ounce serving) of any of our teas served to go. We also serve chilled tea. Other tea drinks available for take out include but are not limited to London Fogs, Fugi Fogs, Matchas, Mushies’ Fog, and Arnold Palmers.

Loose Leaf Tea and Teaware

We sell loose leaf tea and teaware in our shop at 136 E. Broadway in Missoula, Montana and online.  We carry over 100 varieties of true tea and botanical (herbal) blends.

Jam Tea

Make it a Jam Tea at the tea bar.  Jam Tea comes with tea, jam, and a black currant scone and is served at any time. Scones are English style.  Custom Lemon Shortbread and Ginger cookies are also available.

Airpots To Go

We provide airpots (13 cups) of tea for functions.  Please call ahead of time. LMTC airpots run $17 – $21.  Please call ahead to reserve an airpot. Larger amounts available for afternoon teas and functions.

Chilled Tea

Serve chilled tea at your next function!  Available in 1, 3 and 5 gallon amounts.  Chilled tea is a healthy, non-alcoholic option for weddings and other important events. Must reserve at least two days prior to your event.

Afternoon Tea

We coordinate with …by Jo for our tea service.  Learn more about your options for an afternoon tea service.


We wholesale to retailers, coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, kombucha brewers, zoos, and more!  LMTC’s tea stands out for its bold flavor and artisanal sources.  Learn Learn more about how you can serve or sell LMTC tea.


Tea Tastings

Tea tastings are a fun way to bring a group of people together. This can be a team building exercise, an active learning experience, or just for fun! We require the following:

-participants pre sign up with the host
-host works with us to select the teas to taste
-each participant will walk away with a box of 4-6 teas and a steeper (along with a sample, sticker, and information about our teas). Participant tea boxes prices depend on the teas selected by the host
-tastings are an hour long and the fee is $150 + the participant tea boxes. We charge one total.
-tastings are in person or digital (Zoom). Extra fees may apply if in person and out of the Missoula area.
Our Tea Bar
Chilled Tea

What our customers have to say:

“LTMC is 1 of 5 of my favorite tea places ever visited. It’s adorable, good background music, friendly, knowledgeable staff & has a great selection of loose leaf teas. They have both a loose leaf & drink service & the Matcha Palmer on a hot day was just the thing. Highly recommend this place! ”

- Carrie M.

“I've been to a number of tea shops and this place has been consistently wonderful over the years. So much selection, good people... I hope they expand sometime soon. Seems a tad cramped, but not too cramped you can't enjoy a nice tea at the outdoor seating! ”

- Lena H.

“Beautiful atmosphere. I spent every Friday night here w friends for an entire year while in college. The tea is delightful & I've never tried one I didn't like. Locally made scones & cookies are perfect for dipping into tea. Local art almost always adorns the walls. This place feels like Missoula. I always feel at home when I'm here. ”

- Tiffany N.

“Lake Missoula Tea Company is a great tea shop. It has a wide selection of high quality teas to take out or drink in the store along with tea utensils. I love their black truffle walnut tea and their jasmine pearl tea. ”

- Danielle

“I can't stop. I found this shop when I was looking for Butterfly Pea Flowers.I ordered those, and the most DELISH white chrysanthemums for tea. Then, II went back and started ordering some actual tea. And, I haven't stopped. ”

- Margee F.

“This tea house is the friendliest, helpful, innovative & smiling tea house north of the equator. Moreover, it has everything the heart desires in tea in all shades, so I can only give my best recommendations to all tea lovers. Visit this tea house. ”

- Annette P.

“Easy five stars. Exceptionally friendly staff, phenomenal tea. Will definitely be visiting for tea, once again. Missoula lake tea company, is my cup of tea! **pun intended. ”

- Alex

“Lake Missoula Tea Company is my happy place. Hands down the best tea and customer service this side of the Mississippi. ”

- Emily J.

“Wish I would have taken a picture in the shop! Beautiful teas and accessories. The owner was very informative and super awesome! LOL. GREAT SERVICE and he provided us with information about his teas. ”

- Dennis B.

“Always an excellent sipping experience. Deliveries are prompt and accurate with a personal touch that brings a smile.”

- Vaughn H.

“You are a literal emotional life savior- I don’t k if I could face mornings without JF. I used the last of my credit to buy the big bag but I maybe should take a loan out to buy all you have left…TY for this- truly. it’s the most amazing tea ever. I’ve spent 53 years drinking tea from around the world and “nothing compares to you” ”

- Gabby O.

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136 E Broadway St, Missoula
Judy Hogg
Best store in Montana possibly in all of the United States. I don't know. This is the first Gong Fu tea shop I've ever been to. I came in for a matcha whisk because I donated mine to a museum. Before I left a random customer who was introduced to me as a regular bought me tea. I hugged him which isn't something I normally do. But I was incredibly thankful. Then the man behind the counter gave me a free sample. I went in looking for a simple tool and left with tea and a happy spirit. I am looking forward to making it back as soon as possible! I loved it. I think it will always hold a special place in my blood pumping organ.
Sari Barnes
This atmosphere of this shop is so wonderfully cozy and pleasant. The menu has such a nice selection of to-go options and the loose teas to purchase for home brewing are phenomenal and in vast selection. The service was quick and friendly. I came here with my family and we bought many of the different teas to try, as well as some to-go teas. My sister and I really enjoyed their house Chai. It was the perfect amount of spice and tea, like a spicy hug for your soul. I will be recommending this shop to others in the future.
Brooke Blackler
I've been going to Lake Missoula Tea Company for years, and recently have had the privilege of putting some of their tea in my store. The quality of the tea is fantastic, and the blends are delightful. I have also attended one of their tasting / learning events and it was great. I highly recommend their downtown store for meeting with friends, family or even just for a nice place to go and have a cup of perfectly brewed tea.
Tim Specht
Amazing variety great prices and they'll brew top shelf teas you may be reluctant to buy before trying for a dollar more. Great selection for Missoula. Friendly knowledgeable staff and beautiful tea sets and accessories
Ashley Nelson
The atmosphere was so relaxing and pleasant I could stay there all day! The staff are super helpful and polite and helped me with all my questions (not to mention some helpful tips from patrons as well). The tea they have is top notch and all the selection you could ask for