Lake Missoula Tea Company (LMTC) provides several tea related services:

Tea Services

Tea Bar

LMTC has the only exclusively tea “tea bar” in Missoula, Montana (and perhaps all of Montana).  You can have a hot cup (actually a 16 ounce serving) of any of our teas served to go.  We also serve chilled tea. Other tea drinks available for take out include but are not limited to London Fogs, Fugi Fogs, Matchas, and Arnold Palmers.

Loose Leaf Tea and Tea Ware

We sell loose leaf tea and tea ware in our shop at 136 E. Broadway in Missoula, Montana.  We carry over 100 varieties of true tea and botanical (herbal) blends.  You can also purchase any of our blends online!

Jam Tea

This service is currently unavailable due to COVID19 safety reasons.

Make it a Jam Tea at the tea bar.  Jam Tea comes with a tea, jam, and a black currant scone and is served any time.  Scones are English style.  Lemon Shortbread cookies also available.

Airpots To Go

We provide airpots (13 cups) of tea for functions.  Please call ahead of time.  LMTC airpots are $15 or $20 for a Top Shelf tea.  Please call ahead to reserve an airpot.

Chilled Tea

Serve chilled tea at your next function!  Available in 1, 3 and 5 gallon amounts.  Chilled tea is a healthy, non alcoholic option for weddings and other important events.  Must reserve at least two days prior to your event.

Afternoon Tea

This service is currently unavailable due to COVID19 safety reasons.

We coordinate with …by Jo for our tea service.  Learn more about your options for an afternoon tea service.


We wholesale to retailers, coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, kombucha brewers, zoos, and more!  LMTC’s tea stands out for its bold flavor and artisanal sources.  Learn more about how you can serve or sell LMTC  tea.