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Black Tea

Generally, black teas are 100% oxidized and have more caffeine than that of other teas. Tea leaves maybe broken, twisted or rolled for maximum flavor and oxidation.  Black tea has a coppery, or red, liquor.  Black tea is often referred to as red tea in other regions of the world.  Some of our black tea names are referenced as red tea.

Our Sources

Our black tea comes from a diverse selection around the globe.  We have tea from small farms in Indonesia, the ancient tea trees of Jingmai Mountain, the only tea farm in the Andean Mountains of Colombia, and the beautiful Nandi Hills in Kenya.  We get tea from an Assam, India certified Elephant Friendly farm.  Our Darjeeling, India tea source is woman owned and actively rewilds part of the farm into corridors for elephants and other animals.

Fresh Tea

Lake Missoula Tea Company’s black tea is fresh because we order small amounts and get as direct from the farm as we can.  We store tea properly to maintain quality from the farm to your cup.  You can buy this tea online from the list below.