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Relationships make the best tea.

Relationships with our DIRECT SOURCES, at the TEA BAR, ONLINE and with our WHOLESALE customers – and all our relationships throughout the world are why we love tea.

Small Batch Teas from Sustainable Sources:

June is Pride Month, Celebrate with Us!

This year we’re excited to release our Pride Tea Box, tea, and t-shirts (coming soon)! The human race is a rainbow of lifestyles, and for this we are richer. We recognize the diversity and want to honor our many was of being with our Pride Products! This campaign recognizes the significant accomplishments to ensure gender equality for all humans.

Pride Month tea products
Colombian tea farm

Our Tea Comes from Sustainable Sources

We opened our doors in 2012 and learned very quickly that we needed direct source teas from artisan farms. We did this by going straight to the source. We are proud to carry tea from small scale farms worldwide. Our relationships with these farms is strong and allows us to really get to know our teas. 

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