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Small Batch Teas from Sustainable Sources:  Shop our teas from around the world

Relationships make the best tea.

Relationships with our DIRECT SOURCES, at the TEA BAR, ONLINE and with our WHOLESALE customers – and all our relationships throughout the world are why we love tea.

Small Batch Teas from Sustainable Sources:

Warming teas are in right now!

Winter is here. With the change in seasons comes a change in our palatal taste! We blended our last lot of our delicious Harvest Moon Chai for the season. Prefer caffeine-free? Choose Baked Apple Pie. Yes, it tastes like its name. More tea flavors to ward off the chill are:

 Old Fashioned on the Docks | Spicy Ginger Snap | Red Elephant | Turmeric Twirl | Chai Tea | Ginger Orange Puerh


Winter is coming
Colombian tea farm

Our Tea Comes from Sustainable Sources

We opened our doors in 2012 and learned very quickly that we needed direct source teas from artisan farms. We did this by going straight to the source. We are proud to carry tea from small scale farms worldwide. Our relationships with these farms is strong and allows us to really get to know our teas. 

A Glimpse Behind the Scenes at Lake Missoula Tea Company