Lake Missoula Tea Company

Lake Missoula Tea Company – we pick global so you can drink local

Lake Missoula Tea Company provides the best tea from around the world.  We sell tea online as well as from our tea shop in Missoula, Montana. Lake Missoula Tea Company strives to educate and inspire others about the virtues of tea and offers premium teas – black, green, oolong, puerh, and purple tea – produalced by small-scale, artisanal farms worldwide.


Spotlight: Purple Tea

Kenyan Purple Tea is the product of 25 years of work by the Kenyan Tea Research Institute. With wonderful flavor, there is the added benefit of containing a high level of antioxidants – more than in black or green teas. Read more>>

Lake Missoula Tea Company – we pick global so you can drink local

Our leaf collection boasts every variety from fine Taiwanese oolong to Yunnan black produced by ancient tea trees. We have strong ties to the tea farms we visited in Indonesia, China, Taiwan and Kenya.  We are confident in the quality of our teas and our ability to continue to source new and innovative brews.

Lake Missoula Tea Company’s name is inspired from the Pleistocene Epoch, or the last Ice Age.  During this time, a vast glacial lake covered the Missoula Valley and a land bridge connected Asia to North America. Our name symbolizes the cultural connections that originated when humans migrated to new places and our tea provides a tangible connection to this history.  Drink and enjoy our tea with these connections in mind.


Valentine teas are here – Valentine Rose Tea, Lemon Lavender Love Tea, and Coming up Roses Tea!  Sweet choices for your lover or your love of tea.

Valentine Tea
Valentine Tea


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Media Mentions

We’ve traveled to the Tea Plantations, Jingmai Mountain, Yunnan, China to get a rare glimpse of ancient tea culture. National Geographic calls us trailblazers! Read the story.