Lake Missoula Tea Company

we pick global so you can drink local

The relationships we develop are the best thing about our tea.  This is what makes our tea the best.

Relationships with the…

  • Indonesian tea farm owner who tells us he acts as part time counselor to his staff
  • Kenyan farmer who shares purple tea plants with his pickers
  • Tawainese tea marketer who is so busy she had her one vacation with us
  • coffee roaster who appreciates our tea in his shop
  • restaurant owner who says serving our tea was the best decision he ever made
  • man who tells us they had the best tea at a caffe that serves our tea
  • customer who comes daily for oolong before work
  • employees when they are glad to be at work
  • kombucha company that says our tea sets their product a notch above

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We are headed to a trade show in June to promote our Purple Tea and our Elephant Friendly TM certified tea.  Check these out:

Elephant Friendly TM certification

Elephant Friendly TM certification

Media Mentions

What’s Elephant FriendlyTM tea?  Learn why we carry a black and green and why the University of Montana started this tea certification in India.

Learn about our nearly month-long trip to Colombia, South America in search of quality tea in a place ruled by coffee.  Watch the Missoula, MT’s KPAX news story!

We visited the Kenyan farm where our Hand Rolled Purple, Beliote Black, and Sunrise in Kenya come from.  Learn more about our purple tea that we distribute on Montana NPR!  Read the article.

We’ve traveled to the tea plantations on Jingmai Mountain, Yunnan, China to get a rare glimpse of ancient tea culture. National Geographic calls us trailblazers! Read the story.