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Holiday Earl Grey
Holiday Earl Grey
Cape Town Grey
Cape Town Grey, our premiere caffeine free earl grey
Evening Sweets Holiday Box
Evening Sweets Holiday Tea Box

Our Relationships make our tea the best.

Relationships with our SOURCES, at the TEA BAR, ONLINE and with our WHOLESALE customers – are why we’re passionate about tea!

  • Kenyan purple tea farmer invited us to stay in his home
  • Online customer says we offer the best tea online
  • Coffee roaster partners with us because our tea stands out
  • Caffe owner says serving our tea is the best decision he made
  • Man tells us they had the best tea at a caffe that serves our tea
  • Customer who comes daily to chat at the tea bar
  • Employees that stop in on their time off
  • Kombucha company says our tea sets their buch above the rest

Real People, Real Tea shares interesting tea stories from around the world. We are lucky to meet so many people from all over the world through our tea travels and at our tea shop in Missoula, Montana. Though we often focus on our differences when thinking about people from other places, Lake Missoula Tea Company likes to hone in on our similarities. Real People, Real Tea hopes to illuminate those things we have in common through tea. Enjoy!

Enter Real People, Real Tea


Lake Missoula House Chai is as easy as 123!

Lake Missoula House Chai Spice Mix
Lake Missoula House Chai Spice Mix, mix w sweet and condensed milk

Creamy Coconut Oolong is back in stock and better than ever. With organic oolong and coconut flakes, the toasty, nutty blend is simply a delicious oolong tea.

New and improved blends include Apricot Green & Para Sara Green! Learn how Our Tea Just Keeps Getting Better n Better!

Calming Kava Kava can help relieve stress and anxiety. Drink as an alternative to alcohol.

Our Golden Milk is a turmeric and coconut milk concoction. Mix it with your choice of milk and honey. Our customers love our Golden Milk-“Golden Milk was the only thing I could drink while I had the corona virus.  The spices were soothing on my throat.”


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Japanase Tea, In Pursuit of Excellence

The Perfect Steep, a Hands On Experience

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Media Mentions

This Christian Science Monitor article shares how our Indian tea sources create peace with elephants and people. Read how they interact with elephants on their tea farms with environmental education, crop insurance and reforestation to name a few.

Woman owned tea farms are rare. Read how women are given positions of power and balance ensues on this woman owned Indian tea farm!

Nuxalbari Tea Estate, our Indian tea source, is woman owned.  Learn how elephants and other animals pass through the estate safely.

Tea Talks and Japanese Masters, expand your tea selection with matcha!

Read an interview with Sharmila Vaidyanathan with the Yellow Turmeric regarding LMTC’s focus on knowing the source of our tea.   Sharmila’s focus is food and what is curious about it!

We visited the Kenyan farm where our Hand Rolled Purple, Beliote Black, and Sunrise in Kenya come from.  Learn about our purple tea that we distribute on Montana NPR!  Read the article.

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