Check out the complete list of newspaper, white papers and television stories that highlight Lake Missoula Tea Company.

Media Mentions

Nuxalbari Tea Estate, our Indian tea source, is woman owned.  Learn how elephants and other animals pass through the estate safely.

Tea Talks and Japanese Masters, expand your tea selection with matcha!

Learn why puerh tea is healthy – Fermented Tea:  Puerh’s Vast Health Benefits, by Heidi Moretti, MS, RD.

Read an interview with Sharmila Vaidyanathan with the Yellow Turmeric regarding LMTC’s focus on knowing the source of our tea.   Sharmila’s focus is food and what is curious about it!

What’s Elephant FriendlyTM tea?  Learn why we carry a black and green and why we carry tea with this tea certification from India.  Listen to an interview.

Learn about our trip to Colombia, South America in search of quality tea in a place ruled by coffee.  Watch the Missoula, MT’s KPAX news story!

We visited the Kenyan farm where our Hand Rolled PurpleBeliote Black, and Sunrise in Kenya come from.  Learn about our purple tea that we distribute on Montana NPR!  Read the article.

We’ve traveled to the tea trees on Jingmai Mountain, Yunnan, China to get a rare glimpse of ancient tea culture. National Geographic calls us trailblazers! Read the story.