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Precision in Japanese Green Tea

Japanese Tea source

Japanese Tea source

We source our Japanese green tea from a family that has produced tea for three generations since the mid 1940’s. The family focuses on producing a premium product. The flavor is consistent, and the teas stand on their own. We are proud to offer such premium products.

Their Tea Sources

This family sources their tea directly from the tea farms, rather than the standard method of buying the tea from the state. Typically, a farm will sell their tea to the state, and the tea manufacturer will in turn purchase tea from the government. Because this family has produced tea for so long, they can maintain direct sourcing from the tea farms. These are long held tea relationships, thereby ensuring premium tea from their various sources.

Cutting Edge Japanese Tea

Our matcha is the best – it’s creamy, non astringent, and rich – all because Kyohei’s family is invested in providing the best matcha for the American and everyday palate. They continue to develop and fine tune their matcha methods, ensuring our customers receive the best product available. This sense of precision is evident in all our Japanese tea.

A Japanese Champion

Kyohei’s grandfather received two awards from the Japanese government. The first indicated his ability to detect by taste which region of Japan a tea comes from simply by taste. His taste is so astute, and his tea tasting experience is so vast. Simply by tasting the tea, he can accurately say from which farm the tea came. The second award was granted the same year that recognized their tea as champions of their prefecture. We have no doubt that we landed on the best Japanese tea!

Testing and Quality Control

Kyohei’s family values quality control, and to that end their tea is certified organic, kosher and has United Nations certification. More importantly, the tea is certified as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System. In addition, they have chosen to have their tea tested for radioactivity, even though the Japanese government no longer requires this test. Suffice to say, the tea passes with flying colors!


Yuzu Matcha Kuki Cha

A refreshing Japanese green tea blend. The yuzu brightens the flavors in the tea. Read more about this top shelf green tea blend in the description on the product page.
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Matcha Whisk

Froth your matcha with a traditional bamboo matcha whisk!
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Kuki Cha Green

Kuki Cha Green is a Japanese tea that gives a nutty, sweet flavor. The taste is reminisce of roasted corn and toasted nuts. This interesting flavor evokes fragrances of all things roasted and toasted. Another name for this tea is stem, or twig tea because the stems and stalks of the tea leaf are added to the mix. Read the description below to learn more.
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Hoji Cha

An organic Japanese stem tea that abounds with flavor. Nutty and rich. Read the description below to learn more.
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Sen Cha Fukumushi

Sen Cha Japanese green tea has a wickedly rich aroma and flavor. It has a richer taste with a slightly sweet finish due to the longer steam time.
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Organic Matcha

Matcha is our most caffeinated tea, and we carry four types! Creamy smooth, with a vegetal aroma and flavor.
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Japanese Tea House Teaism in Missoula

Mimic the tea house ritual with a cup of matcha
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Japanese Tea Tasting

Complexity in Japanese greens abounds.
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Shade grown tea

One reason Japanese tea stands out in flavor is because it is shade grown.

Good water for great tea

We know our source is the reason we sell top notch matcha.

Japanese tea factory

The proof is in the tea – our Japanese teas stand above the rest!