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We provide the best tea and product support for your Tea Program:

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We are confident you will notice an increase in tea sales and customer satisfaction.

How to create a wholesale account

Let us meet your loose leaf, premium tea needs! Email [email protected] or call 406-529-9477.

Why wholesale with Lake Missoula Tea Company, what makes us different?

We invest in the tea farms.

At Jing Mai Mountain

We visit and buy tea from smaller, organic, artisanal farms. We meet the owners, tea pickers and manufacturers. We value their expertise and work to cultivate these fair trade relationships.

We invest in our customers.

Cambie Taphouse chilled tea

We offer the best organic tea selection for your coffee shop, kombucha, brewery, cafe or restaurant. We know you want to elevate your customer’s experience, and we help you select the best tea and teaware to match the ambiance of your company.

We select teas that tell a story.

At Jing Mai Mountain

We work with farms that pay their pickers fair wages, are environmentally sustainable, and give back to their communities. We offer tea that comes from organic tea farms that value their employees and the environment. We know that purchases of their tea promote social and environmental sustainability.

We focus on quality and freshness.

Organic tea leaf

We make our exclusive blends in small batches. We import directly from the tea farm. This quality is demonstrated when a cup of our tea is served in your cafe, your kombucha stands above its competitors, your beer shines with nuanced flavor, and our tea bags fly off your shelves. The proof is in the tea.

Learn about our TEA SOURCES

We invest in our tea sources. We visit the farms and meet the farmers and owners. We know where our tea is coming from and who manufactures our tea. We stand behind their artisanal products.

Tenzing tea farm in India

Tenzing tea farm in India, tea tasting