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Oolong tea originates from mountainous regions of China and Taiwan. Oolong is oxidized 10-30% or 40-70%. This means oolong can be more like a green tea or more like a black tea. Distinctly oolong tastes include nutty, fruity and creamy. Oolong is known to help with mental acuity, weight loss, high blood pressure and more. The leaf style can be open or rolled.

There is an adage that says eventually all tea drinkers seeking superb tea will arrive at oolong. For flavor complexity and layers, we’ve certainly found this true.  Oolongs can often be brewed multiple times and the taste of the leaf will change with each steep.

Our Sources

Our oolong grows in the high mountain tea farms found in Taiwan, China and Indonesia. They come from the Nantou region in Taiwan, the Indonesian islands of Sumatra and Java, and mainland China. Our oolongs are manufactured with the knowledge that comes with generations of expertise.

Fresh Tea

Lake Missoula Tea Company’s oolong tea is fresh. We order small amounts and get as direct from the farm as possible. We store tea properly to maintain quality from the farm to your cup. You can buy this tea online from the list below.