GABA Oolong




GABA Oolong

GABA Oolong tea can increase the natural levels of Gamma Amino Butyric Acid (GABA) in the body.  A naturally occurring amino acid, GABA aids the central nervous, immune, and endocrine systems.

Research links GABA Oolong tea to many health benefits.  Some include:

  • lower blood pressure
  • reduce stress/anxiety
  • lower cholesterol
  • increase mental alertness/acuity
  • reduce Alzheimer plaque
  • fight schizophrenia /Parkinson’s disease
  • stabilize blood pressure and
  • better R.E.M. sleep

GABA Oolong is anti-oxidant rich, which can help keep free radicals at bay in our bodies. This oolong tea may help reduce overeating due to stress.

With a rich, roasted, nutty flavor that can be steeped multiple times, GABA Oolong stands on its own.  The flavor is complex as multiple layers reveal themselves as you drink this tea.

Organic Chinese oolong tea.


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