Mammoth Red


This organic rolled leaf black tea grows high up in the beautiful, steep mountains of southern Java, Indonesia. Malty and delicious. Read the description below to learn more.


Mammoth Red

Mammoth Red is an organic black tea that grows high up in the beautiful, steep mountains of southern Java, Indonesia. This single origin tea is grown on a small scale, artisan tea farm. There are two organic tea farms on the island of Java, and this tea comes from one of them. The tea is hand-picked and processed on site by locals from the nearby village. The tea farm is adjacent to the Mount Halimun Salak National Park.

Mammoth Red releases multiple layers of flavor. Dark chocolate and caramel are the front flavors, while it finishes with a full malty taste. This Indonesian leaf is an exquisite black tea that stands on its own. This means it needs no milk or sugar, and the tea flavor has depth. This tea is easy to brew. Mammoth Red can be brewed long over the recommended 3-5 minutes; it will become stronger without ever becoming astringent.

We can’t say enough good things about this rolled leaf black tea. The flavor is consistent and unbelievably good. Perhaps this is why it was the silver medal winner of the Global Tea Championship in Boulder, Colorado! One of our most popular single origin black teas!

We get our Mammoth Red Black Tea from Melanie.  See what she says about it:

Read more about where this tea comes from:

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Organic Indonesian black tea.


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  1. Gloria Hessen

    This tea is amazing! My husband and I purchased some last year when we were on vacation in Montana and Idaho and I just used up my last of it. I need to order more! Thank you for having this wonderful organic black tea in your collection.

    • Heather Kreilick

      Hi Gloria, glad you discovered this tea – it’s spectacular, and comes from one of the most beautiful farms we’ve been to. Thank you for the kind feedback, LMTC

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