Peach Peridot Oolong


A delicate oolong with just the perfect amount of peach. The flavors are well balanced, fresh and uplifting. Read the description below to learn more.


Peach Peridot Oolong

Peach Peridot Oolong is a lighter tea on the oolong spectrum and is similar to green tea. With just the perfect amount of peach, not overwhelming, but definitely present. The peach is delicate and allows the oolong tea taste to come through. The tea is rolled leaf style and unfolds its flavor with every sip.

The name of this tea in part comes from the gemstone peridot, which is a green, olive like color. A peridot stone is rare, and in historic times a peridot gem was considered to cure depression. Peridot is also one of the birthstones for the month of August.

Oolong tea*, peach, flavor, *organic.

Caffeine. A made in Montana tea.


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