Milk Oolong



Milk Oolong

Milk Oolong is a Taiwanese oolong with a creamy, rich flavor.  This particular oolong hints of honey and has a wonderful, thick mouthfeel.  While we’ve carried milk oolongs before, this particular oolong is flavored just right to give an intense plush taste.

We source this oolong high in the mountains of the Nantou region of Taiwan.  It comes from a small family farm found at the end of a very steep road.  The rows of tea stretch into the horizon and the view is absolutely exquisite, like the taste of the tea produced there.

Taiwanese oolong tea, flavor.


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  1. Siene Allen

    It’s like drinking comfort from a cup. It’s sweet with a hint of milk, a little buttered-popcorn on the nose, a perfect after dinner sip to lull you to sleep. My newest favorite tea to drink hot.

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