High Mountain Oolong




High Mountain Oolong

High Mountain Oolong completely stands on its own.  Boasting a wonderful nutty flavor with a smooth floral tinge, this tea has a great mouthfeel.  Reported to have many properties promoting good health.

We source this oolong high in the mountains of the Nantou region of Taiwan where the clouds come off the South China Sea.  It comes from a small family farm found at the end of a very steep road.  The rows of tea stretch into the horizon and the view is lush and breathtaking, like the taste of the exquisite tea grown there.

We’ve carried this tea for over six years. The flavor is consistent and it’s simply one of the best teas we’ve ever tasted.

High Mountain Oolong is a Top Shelf tea.

Taiwanese oolong.


Top Shelf
Top Shelf

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