Rift Valley Currant


This is our premiere black currant blend. The tart flavor with whispers of sweet leave you craving this tea. Read the description below to learn more about this tea.


Rift Valley Currant

Rift Valley Currant is our premiere black currant tea blend. Black currants, sometimes spelled blackcurrant, are native to Europe. The taste of this tea, like a black currant, is tart and earthy, with whispers of sweet.

The name Rift Valley Currant is a merger of healthy black currants and some of our Kenyan teas. The Great Rift Valley of Africa is a 3,700 mile long trench that passes through all of Kenya. The name of this tea honors the Kenyan teas we source from this region.

We took a purple color approach to this blend and paired the black currant with two of our Kenyan teas – Hand Rolled Purple and Beliote Black (beliot(e) means elephant in Nandi (an indigenous clan from the Western Highlands)). And then we took the purple even further and added Butterfly Pea Flowers.

This purple blend has a health angle, too. Black currants are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, while the purple tea, with high amounts of anthocyanin, are antioxidant rich, too. Along with antioxidants from the butterfly pea flowers, this blend is an antioxidant super kicker.

Rift Valley Currant is delicious. Don’t expect it to be berry sweet, but rather complex and layered. The liquor’s various hues of purple is beautiful and full-bodied.

This tea is stupendous hot and fabulous cold!

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With Kenyan black & purple tea*, black currant, hibiscus*, butterfly pea flower, lemon myrtle*, peppercorn, elder flower*, flavor, *organic.

Caffeine. A made in Montana tea.



  1. Jenn (verified owner)

    This is a wonderful blend of tart and sweet. It is excellent over ice. The beautiful violet color is almost romantic. Wonderful spring and summer tea.

    • Heather Kreilick

      Hi Jenn, Yes! We love Rift Valley Currant and agree it’s stupendous cold! Thank you for the kind note, LMTC

  2. Michelle C

    This tea is really quite lovely. I just tried it chilled last week. So good! And the color is this gorgeous blue.

    • Heather Kreilick

      Hi Michelle,
      Thank you for the kind review! We agree that it is stupendous chilled! LMTC

  3. Tiffany Harding

    I love this blend. I was originally interested in the huckleberry blend but decided to go with this one instead. I’m glad I did! It is delicious!

    • Heather Kreilick

      Hi Tiffany,
      So glad you found Rift Valley Currant! We love it! LMTC

  4. Cydly (verified owner)

    This makes an AMAZING iced/chilled tea!!!! The flavor is fruity, but not overpowering, and it has a beautiful deep purple color. I prepare it by steeping the hot tea for 8 minutes in a lidded tea pitcher (that can handle boiling water), then removing the tea, adding ice cubes to the top and shaking the mixture for 30-45 seconds. Voila!!

    • Heather Kreilick

      Thanks, Cydly! We LOVE Rift Valley Currant, too. Thank you for sharing your chilled tea methods! LMTC

  5. Eric T.

    It Was a recommendation by the shopkeeper she pointed me to this tea … very nice. I wanted to try something different.
    Would recommend

    • Heather Kreilick

      Hi Eric,
      Glad you liked Rift Valley! Thank you for the tea recommendation, LMTC

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