Rainforest Fruit Tea


A green blend from Colombia blended with tropical fruits. Soursop and pear guava are the perfect combination for a great tasting tea. Read the description below to learn more about this green tea.



Rainforest Fruit Tea

Rainforest Fruit Tea is a fresh fruit blend with layers of flavor. The rainforest fruit soursop is in this green tea blend. Soursop is a cross in flavor between a pineapple and strawberry with slight tart, adding flavor depth. Soursop grows in the tropical regions of the South and Central Americas and the Caribbean. The pear guava is decadent and provides a whisper of sweet. Taste the perfect balance of fruit and sweet with our Rainforest Fruit Tea.

We cannot stress enough how good this organic green tea tastes. It is excellent hot and makes a fabulous chilled tea.

Bitaco, the Colombian tea farm where this tea comes is grown, is adjacent to a forest reserve.  The tea farm provides a corridor for mountain flora and fauna.  Farm proceeds benefit a local endowment that supports local education and infrastructure. The small town of Bitaco is found at the mountain’s base, where the Bitaco river flows through the village center. The tea company takes pride in their stewardship of the river’s headwaters. It is this watershed that feeds the precious tea plants and contributes greatly to the economy in this region.

Learn more about our Colombian teas.

Green tea*, pear guava*, soursop*, *organic.


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