Yuzu Matcha Kuki Cha


A refreshing Japanese green tea blend. The yuzu brightens the flavors in the tea. Read more about this top shelf green tea blend in the description below.



Yuzu Matcha Kuki Cha

Yuzu Matcha Kuki Cha is a fresh green from Japan. Yuzu peel gives this blend its citusy tone. Powdered matcha gives the blend a fuller body and of course, more caffeine!

This blend is a great way to get your matcha by shaking it up a bit. Like all green teas, this blend is full of antioxidants. The matcha brings a richness to the blend as well as energizing properties. Delish and clean.

A top shelf tea.

Yuzu peel, matcha, kuki cha.

Caffeine. A direct source blend.


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