A Tea Farm in Coffee Land Colombia

A Tea Farm in Coffee Land Colombia

Coffee is king in Colombia, so why start a tea farm in coffee country?  The mile high elevation, with its rapidly changing weather and naturally rich soil, made the Llanos family’s land ideal for tea. In 1946, the Llanos wanted to cultivate coffee.  But one of the Llano sons pushed for tea. He had lived in England and developed a taste for tea.  These are the historical roots from which Bitaco Tea grew.

Bitaco aims to produce some of the best tea in the world in a sustainable manner that invests in its community.  To meet these goals, Bitaco supports several programs, including elementary and adult education, physical education and music, river restoration, recycling and bird restoration, to name a few.  Sustainable Tea in Colombia pdf

One thing is abundantly clear, this Colombian tea tastes good and stands up to its Eastern counterparts.  If Chile and Argentina could establish an independent wine culture from their European forebearers, then why not Colombian tea?  We proudly sell and serve Colombian tea from Bitaco.

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With Carlotta Llano

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