Birdsong Black


This is a smooth, velvety black tea with chocolate notes. Grown at the headwaters of the Bitaco River in Cali, Colombia. Read the description below to learn more.



Birdsong Black Tea

Birdsong Black Tea is one of our pillar black teas. This tea is aromatic, with hints of raisin and chocolate. The finish is malty, full bodied and rounded. This is a direct source tea from Bitaco, Colombia’s single tea farm.

This tea is grown in volcanic-rich soils high in the Andean mountains of Colombia. The farm’s ecosystem supports large populations of song birds. Because of this, universities use the farm to study bird diversity. The tea farm values this biodiversity and part of the farm’s mission is to maintain a healthy environment for birds.

Bitaco is adjacent to a forest reserve, providing a corridor for mountain flora and fauna. The farm goes to great lengths to protect the mountain spring water that feeds into the Bitaco River. The river then flows through the center of the town of Bitaco and is a vital resource to the community. Farm proceeds benefit a local endowment that support local education and infrastructure. Learn how Bitaco, the Colombian farm where Birdsong Black Tea comes from, is forward thinking and contributes to long term social and environmental needs in its community.

For a consistent, strong black tea, Birdsong is a great choice hot or chilled. In addition, this is the tea we use in our Lake Missoula House Chai and our Arnold Palmers at the tea bar!

Organic Colombian black tea.



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