Birdsong Black


Rich and velvety with chocolate notes. Grown at the headwaters of the Bitaco River in Cali, Colombia. A world-class tea.



Birdsong Black

Birdsong is our go-to black tea: strong enough for mornings, complex enough to keep you wanting more. The cup is very aromatic. It resounds with raisin and chocolate notes, and ends with a malty and rounded finish. Since it’s equally delicious hot or chilled, we use it in our tea bar’s Lake Missoula House Chai and Arnold Palmer—which means Birdsong Black has won many admirers over the years.

We direct-source this tea from Bitaco, Colombia’s one-and-only tea farm. The volcanic-rich soils of the high Andes make up a terroir unlike any in the world. Bitaco’s mission includes supporting an ecosystem that hosts large populations of song birds. University students visit this farm to study biodiversity in action.

Bitaco also sits adjacent to a forest reserve, and provides a corridor for mountain flora and fauna. The farm painstakingly safeguards the mountain spring water that feeds into the Bitaco River, which is a vital resource for the downstream town of Bitaco. Farm proceeds benefit a local endowment that supports local education and infrastructure. Learn how Bitaco’s progressive practices contribute to long term social and environmental needs in its community.

Birdsong is an ideal black tea for your daily cup. Colombia might mean coffee to most people, but once you’ve tasted this tea, it will change your way of thinking!

Organic Colombian black tea.



  1. Heidi

    I mostly buy your teas from the Good Food Store although I need to come to your shop and try teas that the store doesn’t sell! Birdsong Black is my go-to for an afternoon tea with a snack. Very smooth and mild tea flavor, not bitter at all. I serve it to guests who don’t usually like tea–they love it. Also I’m super happy with this tea for making kombucha. Currently I’m drinking a chokecherry kombucha that I made with this tea, and it’s my best batch to date. Coming into the shop soon, maybe tomorrow!

    • Heather Kreilick

      Hi Heidi, So glad to hear you like the Birdsong Black! It’s a fabulous tasting organically grown tea. The chokecherry kombucha sounds amazing! LMTC

  2. Julia Meyer (verified owner)

    I was genuinely surprised that a tea could taste so malt-like! Along with malt and grain flavors, there’s a nice chocolatey taste to it that seems to add to a full, thick body.
    I found that I enjoyed this tea best served with sweets or a dessert, but also found it delicious as a brown sugar tea latte! I think it would make an excellent breakfast tea as well, especially for those slow, quiet mornings.

    • Heather Kreilick

      Hi Julia, Thank you for the kind review of Birdsong Black and you noticed the chocolate notes! We think that comes from the volcanic soils of the Andean mountains where this tea comes from. Since you like Birdsong, you might like Bogota Breakfast, LMTC

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