Shanti Hathi Peaceful Elephant Darjeeling


This tea is named Shanti Hathi Peaceful Elephant because  elephants take refuge at this tea estate in India. Read the description below to learn more about this great Darjeeling tea.



Shanti Hathi Peaceful Elephant Darjeeling

Shanti Hathi Peaceful Elephant Darjeeling is a brisk black tea. Front flavors include hints of sweet. The finish is wispy and delicate, and ends on the classic Darjeeling muscatel taste.

This black tea is named Shanti Hathi-Peaceful Elephant because the estate replanted several acres into elephant habitat. Much of the Asian Elephant’s habitat is either fragmented or taken up by human activity. This leaves elephants with little or no habitat. However, elephants are able to safely pass through, and stay if they wish, at Nuxalbari Tea Estate.

Nuxalbari Tea Estate hails from the Darjeeling District located at the foothills of the Himalaya. Images of world renown peaks and challenges come hand in hand with the Himalaya. However, our intent is that you think about the obstacles the elephant faces while drinking this tea. We hope that by sourcing tea from Nuxalbari, they are in turn are able to continue to help the Asian Elephant find respite and safe passage at the tea estate.

Sip this lovely, warm cup of tea as you plan your day. Shanti Hathi is a perfect cup for the morning and as an afternoon pick me up.

Indian black tea.



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