Holy Butterfly Blend


This blue version of Holy Basil is fun to drink and delicious. Said to help keep a strong immunity and invigorate!  All Ayurvedic ingredients. Read the description below to learn more about Holy Butterfly.



Holy Butterfly Blend

Holy Butterfly Blend is rooted in Indian culture and Ayurvedic philosophies. Our Holy Butterfly is a twist on the classic holy basil, or tulsi, blend. We decided to liven this traditional blend up with a little color by using the butterfly pea flowers. This floral addition creates a beautiful blend as well as a beautiful brew. You might know butterfly pea flowers turn everything blue. While it takes very little to make this tea blue, the butterfly pea flowers add vibrant blue to the color of the brewed tea, and it just doesn’t take much.

Our holy basil, or tulsi, blends three basils with three varying flavors. And while we added the blue flowers, the predominant flavor is that of the basils. These three meld together into goodness and flavor:

  • Rama Basil-smooth, cooling
  • Vana Basil-sweet, minty
  • Krishna Basil-spicy, peppery
  • And we add Butterfly Pea Flowers-for blue color and adaptogenic properties

A little spicy and a little zippy, this blend is tasty. Said to help keep a strong immunity and invigorate!  All Ayurvedic ingredients.  The butterfly pea flower will add a touch of blue to this zesty, potent brew!

Rama basil*, krishna basil*, vana basil*, and butterfly pea flowers, *organic.

Caffeine free. A made in Montana tea blend.

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