Spice up your tea routine with this botanical native to South Africa. It produces a cup of full-bodied sweetness and enjoyment.



Honeybush is a delicious relative of the Rooibos family that grows in the Eastern Cape region of South Africa. This tea in part gets its name from the honeybush flower, which smells like honey. While it has the same benefits as rooibos (high antioxidant levels), it’s a little sweeter, spicier, and more full-bodied. Honeybush is said to help with blood sugar, colds, and more.

Honeybush, like rooibos, is endemic to South Africa, meaning it grows in that region alone. It is naturally caffeine free, and in fact, it is not a true tea, but rather a botanical. Oxidized stems and leaves are brewed to make the tea, which can be described as slightly roasted, floral and tasting like honey. It creates a rich brew with a velvety mouthfeel. In addition, steeping this tea produces a wonderful aroma that makes your house smell like honey.

For a sweet, aromatic brew, drink honeybush!

Organic Honeybush.

Caffeine free.

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  1. Lexi (verified owner)

    I’ve greatly enjoyed this tea. It leaves the house smelling lovely and I feel good every time I make it! Reading about how honey bush, much like rooibos, has been over harvested I wanted an ethical source and feel confident with this one. The people are very kind and I appreciate their mission and transparency. So happy to have found this!

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