Afternoon in Paris


A full body tea with tangy tartness and lingering sweet. Energizes you mentally and physically. Read the description below to learn more.



Afternoon in Paris

Afternoon in Paris is a feel good tea. This tea is blended to invigorate and help you feel the possibilities. Like the Paris streets, a brewed cup of this tea offers new and exciting flavors that dazzle. Tartness and lingering sweet have you craving more when you least expect it.

You might notice enhanced stamina and endurance after sipping this blend, and who doesn’t want that!

All the ingredients in this blend abound with characteristics that aid the body. Green tea helps with bone density and antioxidants; eleuthero, which brings muscle recovery, fatigue reduction, and mind body balance; ginger, which aids circulation and is anti-inflammatory; ginkgo, is good for circulation; licorice, helps with adrenals and respiratory; schizandra is said to help with sexual stamina; while hibiscus adds vitamin C and flavor.

With layers of flavor, this blend is a kick in the cup. The longer you steep this tea, the bolder the flavor. It simply doesn’t get bitter, it merely gets better!

Licorice root*, eleuthero*, hibiscus*, green tea*, schisandra*, ginger*, gogi berry*,  ginkgo*, lemon myrtle*, *organic.

Slight caffeine. A made in Montana tea.

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