Golden Monkey


Chinese (Fujian Province) black tea with hints of honey and pine nuts, bold and sweet.



Golden Monkey

Golden Monkey is a black tea that is absolutely exquisite and bounding with flavor. This Chinese tea beams with depth and layers.  Hints of honey hit your taste buds and ends on a pine nut finish.  The aroma is mouthwatering, creamy and velvety.

Golden Monkey tea is aptly named when there is a certain percentage of gold tips.  Gold tips consist of the new buds on the tea plant which adds flavor and complexity to a tea. This tea is traditionally from Fujian and Yunnan provinces.  This particular black tea comes from a 70 year old family owned farm in Fujian.

We updated our source for this tea as we found the taste and leaf to be superior to our previous source.  The leaf is beautiful and tippy.  A characteristically bold tea with a full body.

Chinese black tea.


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  1. Thomas Anderson

    So far my favorite black tea iv had. Will be buying more in the future. 5 stars

    • Heather Kreilick

      Thanks for sharing, this is a great Chinese black!

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