Yunnan Black Tea Red Elephant


Red Elephant Black Tea is organic with full body.  Layers of flavor hint of malt, toffee, and creme brule.



Yunnan Black Tea Red Elephant

Yunnan Black Tea Red Elephant is rich, full body tea.  Layers of flavor reveal malt, toffee, and creme brule.  A raw, baked finish gives this black tea a heavier mouthfeel.  The leaf is whole and tippy and can withstand multiple steeps.  Named for the remaining elephants in southern Yunnan Province, China.

This exquisite tea comes from Jingmai Mountain in Yunnan.  The Dai people have hand picked this tea from the ancient tea trees for millennia.  Red Elephant comes from a region in southern Yunnan where the 700 to 1,000 year old ancient tea trees grow.  Because the ancient tea trees grow in a natural environment, the leaf provides a unique combination of rich antioxidants and nutrients.

Chinese black tea.

Caffeine, organic.


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