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Heather and Jake Kreilick own Lake Missoula Tea Company (LMTC). They got the idea to open a tea store from their friends Maureen and Tobin Ropes, who own a tea company in Tacoma, WA. LMTC opened its doors in 2012 in the Masonic Temple in Missoula, MT.

LMTC strives to find quality teas

LMTC strives to find quality teas produced by small-scale farmers worldwide. LMTC walked amidst the ancient tea trees on Jingmai Mountain in Yunnan, China. The leaves from these tea trees provide some of our premium varieties – Heritage and Jasmine green, Red Elephant and Sangamon Sunset Red and Jasmine Puerh.

Our visits to China, Taiwan, and the island of Java, Indonesia give us great confidence in the tea we offer. These trips allow us to build a sustainable, organic source of quality teas from farms working at the village scale.  Despite being relatively inaccessible due to their remote, wildland settings, we have witnessed the establishment of a workforce – pickers, processers, and farmhands – helping drive local economic development.

We continue to source new artisan teas and are pleased to feature four Colombian teas – our first true teas from South America – including an excellent black tea with bold flavor, a smooth green tea, the Andean Princess consisting of a black tea with Isabella grape skin and Andean raspberry, and Cloud Forest Green with pear guava and soursop.

Visit Kenyan purple tea farm

Purple Tea leafHeather and Jake traveled to Kenya to visit the farm where our purple tea is sourced. The remarkable story of purple tea and its quarter-century development by Kenyans is intriguing.   We wanted to learn more about how it’s grown and processed. Given its many medicinal and ecological benefits, LMTC seeks to gain knowledge and insight about the wonders of purple tea.  Read our blog about this trip.

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About Lake Missoula Tea Company
About Lake Missoula Tea Company

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Taiwan and Yunnan Province, China

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Java, Indonesia

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