A Year in Review – Popular Teas

The Tea Heavy Hitters for 2022

We thought it would be fun to share our most popular Lake Missoula Tea list for this past year. While we have over 150 blends and teas, here are the teas that rise to the top by tea type.

Black Tea

Our top black blends are: Earl Grey Blue, High Country Huckleberry and Lake Missoula Breakfast. Many of our customers appreciate the premium single origin teas we offer: Dom Dom Bodo Assam from India, Mammoth Red from Indonesia, and Nepali Gold from Nepal are high quality teas grown by artisan farmers!

Botanical (Herbal)

Our best selling caffeine free blends are: Spicy Ginger Snap, Sun-Kissed Huckleberry, Pleistocene Peach and Stress Less. The consumers of our single botanicals know what’s good for them. These teas offer relief and aid in health: Kava Kava, Immortality Herb, and Ginger Root.


Rooibos is also caffeine free, but like true tea, which contains lots of anti-oxidants, we think it deserves its own category for its distinct flavor and goodness. Blood Orange, Gin & Cream, and Turmeric Twirl were the winners here.


The tea in between green and black is Oolong. The two top blends were Creamy Coconut and Mimosa while the single origin top dog was Lake Missoula’s Black Pearl from Sumatra.


Cloud 9 Montana (aka our “A White Christmas”) and Alpine White take the torch! Our customer’s refined palate recognizes quality ingredients when they taste them.


This was no surprise to us — Sticky Rice and Jasmine Puerh were at the top with our dark teas.


The least manipulated leaf is green tea. We have so many good greens and our customers know it. This all organic list includes: Lemon Lavender, Love; Morrocan Mint, and Jurassic Ginger are our top green blends. Mammoth Matcha and Heritage Green are the single origin winners.


We had three at the top for chai: Evening Chai (caffeine free), Golden Milk (actually a turmeric spice mix), and Harvest Moon.

That wraps up our 2022 tea winners! Are any of these your favorites?

Written by: Heather Kreilick

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2 thoughts on “A Year in Review – Popular Teas

  1. Good day! I have been a lover of the teas since the beginning of Lake Missoula’s journey. Visits to the small tea room upstairs in the Masonic building were always a treat. Now that I am in Helena, the journeys continue via online ordering.

    Have blessed holidays and a very prosperous 2023!
    Deb Scott

    * Still a big fan of the Hand Rolled Purple!

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