Golden Milk




Golden Milk

Golden Milk is a turmeric drink like no other.  Folks are over the moon about our blend of turmeric and spices, made in small batches.  The flavor is clean and fresh.  Coconut adds a creamy mouthfeel.  With a little spice kick at the end, this concoction will leave you craving more.

Add a teaspoon (or amount of your choosing) to your choice of milk and sweetener.  We use a non dairy creamer and honey in our Golden Milks at the tea bar and they are a huge hit!  Golden Milk will put a spring in your step and leave you healthy, happy and feeling good.

Feedback from customers say not only is Golden Milk delicious, but throat soothing when you are sick.

The 50g unit is packaged in a tin, all others sizes are packaged in a bag

With turmeric*, cinnamon*, ginger*, pepper*, coconut milk*, cardamom*, cayenne*, * organic.

Caffeine free. A made in Montana tea.

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  1. Mr J (verified owner)

    My most favorite morning ritual!
    Absolutely delicious!
    Personally I did not like the sweetener and use just milk and golden milk with some benefiber.

    • Heather Kreilick

      Mr. J,
      Thanks for sharing your love of our Golden Milk! LMTC

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