Jurassic Ginger Green Tea


Bold ginger, spritzy cardamom and zesty lemon unite into a perfect cup of tea. Refreshing! Read the description to learn more.



Jurassic Ginger Green Tea

Jurassic Ginger Green Tea is spunky and good. Ginger consumption dates back to over 5,000 years ago. While that’s not nearly as long as the Jurassic period, it’s safe to say humans have enjoyed ginger for eons. Ginger makes this blend pop. The shredded cardamom adds a bold, zesty, camphor like underlying flavor and lovely aroma. The lemon ties the flavors together.

This tea is easy to brew and isn’t remotely astringent. It will add spunk and zest to your day. Enjoy this gingery good in your next cup of tea!

With green & white tea*, ginger*, cardamom*, lemon myrtle*, cinnamon*, lemon peel*, flavor, *organic.



  1. Brandon Pannell

    This tea has the perfect amount of ginger and has become my new favorite!

    • Heather Kreilick

      Hi Brandon,
      Glad you like this green and white tea blend. Thank you for posting, LMTC

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