Sun-Kissed Huckleberry


A delectable berry delight packaged into an herbal tea blend. High notes of huckleberry with malty, sweet low notes.


Sun-Kissed Huckleberry is a caffeine free blend full of that sweet mountain high berry everyone loves. Found in some mountain states, we think the huckleberry is a delicacy! We capture that scrumptious, sweet tart flavor in this herbal blend. We predict you’ll crave the taste of this aromatic blend as much as the bears love that sweet little berry packed with flavor and goodness.

The marshmallow root brings a malty sweetness (yes, a little like an actual marshmallow), while the lemon myrtle helps accentuate the huckleberry’s high notes. Fruity, though not overwhelmingly so. The layers of flavor still punch through, making this a complex blend.

Marshmallow root*, honey bush*, lemon myrtle*, rosehips*, raspberry leaf*, elderberry*, blue cornflower*, peppercorn, huckleberry, flavor, *organic 

Caffeine free. A made in Montana tea.


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