Sticky Rice Puerh Tuocha


A popular puerh tea with a distinctly sticky rice taste. With a rich, nutty, sweet flavor. Hugely aromatic. Read the description below to learn more.

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Sticky Rice Puerh Tuocha

Sticky Rice Puerh Tuocha is premium puerh tea with a distinctly sticky rice taste. This sticky rice puerh tea blend is like nothing you’ve ever tasted in a tea. This tea has a rich, nutty, sweet flavor and is hugely aromatic. The rice aroma and taste are balanced and delicious in the cup. The underlying puerh brings an earthy, base flavor in which to carry the rice notes. That sticky rice flavor comes from an herb blended with this puerh tea that smells and tastes like sticky rice.

Brewing Stick Rice

Brew this tea, and you’ll find it makes your whole house smell like sticky rice. It’s delicious and popular. Rather than loose-leaf, this puerh is compressed. It comes in small buttons or nests wrapped in paper. Remove the paper before brewing. The nests are approximately 5 grams, which is a perfect amount for steeping 2 cups of tea. As the nest steeps, it gradually decompresses and takes the shape of brewed loose-leaf tea.

A few facts about puerh tea

  • often referred to as a hangover tea
  • can help with digestion
  • has less caffeine than black tea, because older leaves are used to process into puerh
  • is probiotic
  • the only tea actually fermented
  • is a diuretic
  • may help curb your appetite

Horse tea trade route

While puerh is in the class of dark tea, which is aged Chinese tea, puerh tea must come from the southern region of Yunnan, China. Puerh tea has its origins in the horse tea trade route, where people in Yunnan would trade tea for horses with the surrounding countries. The tea compressed and aged as it was routed through the mountains. It took on the form of tea, which we now refer to as dark tea, or puerh, depending on its origin location.

A favorite puerh

Sticky Rice Puerh is a favorite among of our customers. Take compressed puerh nests with you and brew on the go. They’re easy to brew and wrapped in paper in 5g units. Enjoy any time of day. Step into puerh with this easy to brew tea, and see why so many other tea lovers enjoy this fermented tea.

Chinese puerh tea, Nuo Mi Xiang (Chinese herb).


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  1. Erika Blomdahl (verified owner)

    I learned about puerh tea from this tea shop, and it’s become my absolute favorite morning drink and I’ve come to enjoy it more than coffee. In my goal to slowly try all of the different puerh teas that LMTC has to offer, I keep coming back to this one as my favorite. The sticky rice aroma is lovely. The flavor is nutty and a little sweet (again notes of sticky rice!). I love the little nests for portioning out the right amount of tea, and I find for my habits one nest steeped and re-steeped throughout the morning is the perfect amount for me. This tea is very tasty and special!

    • Heather Kreilick (verified owner)

      Hi Erika,
      Thank you for the review! So glad you found Sticky Rice Puerh, LMTC

  2. MB

    Oh my, this tea is delicious! It is creamy & nutty & is like nothing I’ve ever tasted before. And the smell!! This will definitely be on repeat for me.

    • Heather Kreilick (verified owner)

      Hi MB,
      Glad you found Sticky Rice Puerh – it’s a one of kind like no other! LMTC

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