Partners with the Colombian Tea Farm

We are proud partners with Bitaco Tea, the Colombian tea farm north of Cali, Colombia! A visit to Missoula, Montana from Andres Velasco, Bitaco Tea CEO, and Santiago Gonzalez, Bitaco Tea International Sales, solidified this relationship. Lake Missoula Tea Company has sold four varieties of their tea for the last few years. In addition to retailing Colombian tea and selling regionally, we now sell an expanded line of Colombian teas and distribute their tea to small and mid-sized tea companies, coffee shops, restaurants and grocery stores.

Try our Birdsong Black and Rainforest Fruit Green, both Colombian teas.

Learn more about Colombian teas and the farm. Interested in selling Colombian tea? Create your WHOLESALE ACCOUNT or email [email protected] or call 406-529-9477.

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2 thoughts on “Partners with the Colombian Tea Farm

  1. Back 30 years ago, I used to send for Missoula tea. It was a special blend of several different
    Strains. I’m trying to find that again.
    Am I in the right place

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