Evening in Missoula




Evening in Missoula

Evening in Missoula is a Montana concoction wrapped up and blended into one sweet, legendary herbal tea.  From the boisterous, western town of Missoula, Montana, this tea is loved by many far and wide across the fifty states and beyond!

With chamomile, rosehip, raspberry, papaya, blackberry leaf, peppermint, spearmint, passion flower, red clover, anise, wild cherry bark, lemon, wintergreen, lavender, stevia, vanilla.

Caffeine free.

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  1. Christine Deignan

    I first sampled this tea at a high end restaurant. It has become the favorite tea for all of us at the table.
    Thank you for creating joy in a cup.

    • Heather Kreilick

      So glad to hear this is a favorite cup of tea! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Arquelle Shaw (verified owner)

    I think this is my all time favorite Lake Missoula Tea company tea. Ok, probably all time favorite of any tea. It is simply a lovely cup of happiness every time I brew it. Perfection!

  3. Jennifer Gutzmer (verified owner)

    This is my all time favourite tea! Had it in a local coffee/tea shop in Madison, WI. Makes a great tea bath too!! 💕💕. So happy I found you!!

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