On Endurance and Libido

Introducing our Yin and Yang of functional blends designed for men and women’s stamina in the physical expressions arena!

We were asked to develop two blends for a couple customers that address endurance, fertility and libido. We took on this challenge and came up with two tasty teas. While neither are specific to one of those attributes, we did create a female and also a male focused blend that gets at the heart of what our customers asked for.

Wonder Woman highlights reproductive system balances and sexual stamina. Potent ingredients include chaste berry, ashwagandha, and maca. In tandem, they have the potential to kick things in gear!

Male Stamina puts endurance and libido in the forefront. Schisandra berry, ashwagandha and maca are the heavy hitters in this blend.

Who doesn’t want increased stamina and endurance?

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