Male Stamina


A blend designed with male physical well-being in mind. Read the description below to learn more about this stamina inducing botanical tea.



Male Stamina

Male Stamina is our functional tea blend designed with men’s performance in mind. As you might imagine, we had a lot of fun coming up with names for this one! We landed on Male Stamina, as we felt it hit all the key points found in this blend. While it won’t put hair on your chest, you might see an increase in your physical state of being healthy.

The flavor is creamy lemon with malty undertones. This is a pleasant, easy brew to drink.

Each ingredient offers a degree of stamina and balance for men:

Lemon Myrtle is rumored to help with hormonal balance and has great flavor.
Schisandra Berry reports aide with sperm production, premature ejaculation, and sexual fatigue.
Eleuthero is said to help with endurance and circulation.
Ginkgo has a long standing reputation for aiding circulation.
Fenugreek, along with a maple like flavor, is said to help with stamina.
Ashwagandha reports help with testosterone boost.
Don Quai might help with infertility.
Maca is said to help with stamina and libido.

With lemon myrtle*, schisandra berry*, eleuthero*, ginkgo*, fenugreek*, ashwagandha*, don quai*, maca*,  * organic.

Caffeine free. A made in Montana functional tea blend.


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