Butterfly Pea Flowers


This is the blue tea everyone is talking about! Brew and discover the vivid blue tea! The flavor is creamy and rich. Read the description below to learn more.



Butterfly Pea Flowers

Butterfly Pea Flowers are an adapotgenic herb that steeps a voracious blue brew. The blue petals are packed with anthocyanin (the blue pigment in the flower) and provide loads of antioxidants. The aroma is similar to sweet, fresh peas, while the flavor is reminiscent of sweet leeks and asparagus.

Drink this brew by itself or use as a mixer for drinks. Have a little fun with these blue tea flowers! Add to other foods for the vibrant blue color the flowers bring to everything they encounter. A vibrant splash of blue makes food fun and cool! Just a few flowers can make any tea a vibrant blue or purple. The color will change somewhat depending on what other herbs are in the blend. Butterfly pea flowers are PH neutral. Add them to an acidic lemonade, and you get an intense purple! Add some to basic holy basil, and you get turquoise!

These lovely blue flowers may provide several desirable healthy properties, including:

  • nootropic (related to cognitive function such as memory and anti-stress)
  • laxative
  • antidepressant
  • may lower fevers
  • may lower cholesterol
  • adaptogenic which means it can help the body deal with stress

The distinctly blue flowers come from the Clitoria ternatea plant. This herb is also used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for the health characteristics listed above.

Butterfly pea flowers.

Caffeine free.


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