Hair Care


Sip on a blend that will delight and is actually healthy for your body and hair. Made with herbs that beautify from the inside out and flavors that astound, this tea is meant to drink anytime for luminosity kick. Read the description below for more information.



Hair Care

Hair Care is formulated with hair health (stemming from whole body health) in mind. We aimed at creating not only a blend to illuminate your locks, but also one that works synergically to improve overall health within the body. Herbs have been used for centuries to help with healing and beautification, and we drew on this knowledge to create this blend. We incorporated oat straw and horsetail for vitamins and minerals. Rose hips offer you a dose of Vitamin C. We added two adaptogenic herbs, butterfly pea flower and ashwagandha, to help reduce overall stress.

Hibiscus is front and center and gives this tea a wonderfully tart flavor with loads of antioxidants. Cardamom adds a warming aroma and slight spice sensation in your nostrils and ties the blend together. Lastly, rosemary offers an enticing flavor addition, creating a succulent layer to your sip. Overall, this ambrosial herbal blend is not only helpful for your hair, but also divine on the taste buds!

Give this tea a try as a hair soak or treatment! Simply steep some in water to use as a rinse, or in olive oil for a nutritious spa day conditioning step.

Hibiscus*, rosemary*, cardamom*, oatstraw*, rose hips*, rose petals*, fenugreek*, nettles*, horsetail*, butterfly pea flower, ashwagandha*, *organic.

Caffeine free. A made in Montana blend.


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