Joint Peace Arthritis Blend


We could named this tea Achy Joint Relief! A delicious blend with the added benefits of anti inflammatory properties. Read the description below to learn more about this tea.


Joint Peace Arthritis Blend

Joint Peace Arthritis Blend is designed to help you with achy joints. Joints a little stiff after exercise? or simply achy joints from wear and tea? Give Joint Peace tea a try.

This is a potent botanical blend. Blended with ingredients said to help with joint inflammation and pain. Drink daily for potential long-term benefits. Botanicals included in this blend have a history of helping with inflammation and joint paint associated with inflammation. For best anti-inflammatory benefits, drink often. Tasty with bold flavor.

South African honey bush*, white willow bark*, devil’s claw*, slippery elm*, nettles*, ginger*, turmeric*, gogi berries*, cinnamon*, black pepper*, and elderberry*, *organic.

Caffeine-free. A made in Montana tea.



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