No Thyme for Cold & Flu – Best Tea for the Flu


A caffeine free option to help alleviate the symptoms of colds and flus. Hydrating and potent with the power of thyme! Read the description below to learn more about this tea.


No Thyme for Cold & Flu – Best Tea for a Cold

No Thyme for Cold & Flu is the tea you need when your throat starts to hurt, when you feel achy and your nose won’t stop running.  The specially selected ingredients ward off those unwanted symptoms, while soothing a recovering body. It’s savory with thyme, naturally sweet with the licorice root, and simply delicious altogether.

Blended to help clear your lungs and fight flu viruses, this caffeine-free botanical blend is the best tea for a cold or flu. Thyme is an antibacterial super hero, and licorice and marshmallow roots soothe your throat. Be healthy-stay hydrated and drink beverages designed to keep your immunity strong.

A blend of thyme*, echinacea*, licorice root*, marshmallow root*, and elderberry*, *organic.

Caffeine-free. A made in Montana tea blend.


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