Beat the Snot Out of You (Sinus)


Your go to tea when allergy season kicks in or your are hit with the common cold. Tangy with grapefruit and turmeric. Read more about this sinus blend in the description below.



Beat the Snot out of You (Sinus)

Beat the Snot out of You (Sinus) is the best tea for a cold or allergies. Intentionally blended to help clean your sinuses and clear your head. All ingredients are organic and specific to allergies and clearing your sinuses.

Beat the Snot out of You is a tad tangy and with a strong turmeric taste. The yerba mate adds a nice balance and provides a base flavor. The lemon and grapefruit add zest and zing to the flavor. This is a popular blend whether you are stuffed up or not! Drink when you have a cold, your allergies are bugging you, or you just want a good tasting, zesty tea without the caffeine!

This blend is known to comfort and ease the discomfort of the sniffles. Keep a bag of this around for when school starts back up, during the winter months and in the spring when the pollen levels are at their best!

Rooibos*, turmeric*, yerba mate*, nettles*, ginger*, lemon myrtle*, grapefruit peel*, flavor, *organic.

Caffeine free. A made in Montana tea.


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  1. Nicole M (verified owner)

    I recently bought this blend, and do feel that it cleared my sinuses! I like the taste and have enjoyed the benefits of less snot.

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