Social Distancing, Create Ritual with Tea

Social distancing affects us all a little differently.  Those of us in rural areas have the luxury of social distance and access to open space. This allows us to get outside more and separate ourselves from feeling cabin (or apartment) fever. Getting outside allows us to take a break from the onslaught of news and feeds.  We feel for others in urban environments that don’t have as much outdoor access. Whether rural or urban, use tea to add ritual to your day.  Tea is known to help relieve stress, maintain your immunity, and has anti-viral properties.  Keep this in mind during this pandemic.

Lychee Black, the brewed tea in these photos, is made with the essence of lychee. Lychees are small, translucent, sweet fruits found in Asia. They have a hard outer shell that you peel like an orange before eating.  This tea is delicious and is perfect, hot or cold.

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