Cup of Good Hope A Sweet Herbal Blend


We paired sweet and soothing herbs with mighty mint in this refreshing rooibos blend. Sweet and calming, delicious after dinner and a tea that kids enjoy. Read on for more enticing information.



Cup of Good Hope A Sweet Herbal Blend

Cup of Good Hope A Sweet Herbal Blend takes you to teatime on the South African coast. The cuppa this time is a sweet, rounded rooibos blend. First sips give hints of sweet and minty sprite, while the smooth rooibos lingers.

You might know rooibos is endemic to western South African. Just north of Cape Town, the South African capitol, you’ll find rooibos growing wild in the mountains. This region is known as Cederberg, and is the only place rooibos is found. Go a little further south and you’ll find yourself at the Cape of Good Hope, where South Africa meets the ocean.

This blend honors the Cape region with its fresh aroma and grounded nature. Sarsaparilla and chamomile give it sweet and calming flavor while rooibos packs your cup with antioxidants. A pinch of peppermint ties the blend together for a fresh finish.

This herbal blend is great after dinner option and a brew the kids will enjoy too!

With South African rooibos*, peppermint*, chamomile*, sarsaparilla*, flavor, *organic.

Caffeine free. A made in Montana tea. (previously Creamy Mint & Root Beer)

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  1. Jennifer (verified owner)

    On top of having the most adorable name ever, this tea is also cozy and delicious. This is my choice for an evening cup of tea with friends or family. It has exactly what you want out of a chamomile-based tea with flavors that make it unique and charming.

    • Heather Kreilick

      Hi Jennifer, This blend is a gem, with creamy mint and hints of root beer and vanilla! Thank you recommending Cup of Good Hope! LMTC

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