Matcha Tea Set


Take your matcha ritual to the next level. Read the description below to learn more.


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Matcha Tea Set

Matcha Tea Set synthesizes your matcha making. Use the bamboo matcha scoop and add two grams to your sifter. Scape the matcha with the scoop in the sieve into the pre heated bowl. Add a small amount of water, mix with your matcha whisk, or chasen, until all the matcha is wet. Add more water. Whisk vigorously back and forth until the matcha froths. Rinse and return the whisk to the whisk holder. Add the remainder of the water. Enjoy your matcha from the bowl.

Wash your bowl when done, and return it to the bamboo tray. It’s ready to go for next time.

Matcha Tea Set includes: one bamboo tray, one matcha bowl, one bamboo scoop, one matcha whisk, one matcha whisk holder, one sieve.


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