Loose Leaf is Good for the Earth

We are proud to be a loose leaf tea only company. Sure, you can buy filter bags for your on the go needs, but we only sell loose leaf. Here are four reasons why you should drink loose leaf tea.

Less Waste

First, we don’t create more waste. Waste associated with bagged tea incudes filters, strings, glues and even staples! Some bagged tea comes in induvial wrappers. This is simply extra material that isn’t necessary when you drink loose leaf tea.

Better Quality Tea

Second, tea stores better when it is stored with more tea. It keeps fresher and flavors remain more vibrant. When you put tea in a bag, it isolates the tea and does not keep as fresh and tasty as it otherwise would. The tea in bags is exposed to air. This degrades the antioxidant qualities that tea offers. To maintain the freshest and best tea experience, drink loose leaf. The antioxidants will remain more potent and the flavor will pop!

Interact with the Tea

And third, you don’t get to interact with the tea when it’s in a bag. Loose leaf requires you scoop the tea and get just the right amount for what you want to brew at that time. It also means you get to see and smell the beautiful blends we carry. So much of our tea is visually appealing and aromatic. This is because whole loose leaf tea means just that, the leaf is whole! Tea bagged tea often uses cut, broken and dust tea. Our small batch blends always use loose leaf, quality ingredients. Interacting with our senses is part of the whole, loose leaf tea experience.

Biodegradable Waste

And our fourth and final reason whole loose leaf tea is great is it’s biodegradable waste! You can compost it, feed it to your chickens, or add it to your vermiculture (worm compost!). As a most basic approach, you can put it back where it came from, the Earth!

Keep Tea Simple and Beautiful

At the heart of whole loose leaf tea brewing, all you need to make tea is tea leaf, water and time. Of course some barrier to remove the tea leaf is needed. Or if you’re someone that like to keep your leaf in the tea as you sip, you need a barrier to keep the tea separate. And, as you are probably aware, we carry many options that allow you to do just that.

As you dig deeper into the rich world of whole loose leaf tea, know you are contributing to a system that uses minimal waste. You are drinking fresher, more flavorful tea. And you get to immerse your senses in all fun ways that comes along with loose leaf tea!

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