Our Tea Just Keeps Getting Better and Better

As COVID19 swept the nation in early spring, everyone, including Lake Missoula Tea Company, battened down the hatches and turned inward. With inward focus often comes clarity and new found attention. One area we focused our energy on was improving some of our time-honored tea blend recipes. Our blending team was hard at work tasting, trying, trying and tasting until they discovered the tastes and feels we wanted our teas to exude. Our goal was to intensify some of our delicious flavors while remaining true to the original tea blend. This was much like amping up the contrast and vibrancy in your favorite photo. These improved blends suddenly had a pop to them and seemed to leap out of our cups and dance in our mouths!

We started with one of our favorites, Sunshine Daydream, by adding more true peach flavor to this blend.  Although it retains its sparkling ginger notes, it is warmer and fruiter. For thoes of you who do not know, this is our premeir ginger peach tea, and will remain so.

Another black blend we improved on is Berry Patch Black, formerly our Raspberry Black. This blend is now creamier, more berry-like and smooth (unlike a berry patch actually…). This tea will become a go-to for thoes berry black tea fans out there!

Mango Love Not War was the third tea blend on our list. We wanted this tea to feel like love, so we adjusted it to have more mango presence, which warms your mouth while creating that tinge of happiness. We also added an undertone of passionfruit for its fun aroma and tart taste. Make sure to try this blend if you at all LOVE mango!

Along with black blend improvements, we amped up Apricot Green and Para Sara Peach, two of our green tea blends. We changed the base green tea for more well-rounded flavor in these two and increased their flavors. Both blends now taste full-bodied and abound with flavor, while still reminding us of the blends we came to love and gravitate toward. Because they are so crisp and flavorful, these blends are great options for making chilled tea as well. Apricot Green and Para Sara Peach will make your summer a true delight!

The botanical tea we improved was Sassy Citrus & Hibiscus, a caffeine free blend with bold cinnamon, citrus and hibiscus notes. We wanted this blend to pop and added some “Sassy” to the blend. We think you’ll really enjoy this refreshing tongue tantalizer.

This period reminded us that while we improved these tea, the process is ongoing. We’ll keep revisiting all of our blends to ensure we are producing the best tasting tea for you. As our understanding and experiencdes of tea grows, so will our repertoire of flavors we offer you.

All of these blends are Made in Montana tea blends.

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