Yerba Mate Chai


Warming blend of yerba mate, cinnnamon, and other chai spices.



Yerba Mate Chai

Yerba Mate Chai is a delicious blend of Argentinian yerba mate and chai spices.  The cinnamon stands out and provides a good balance with the yerba mate.   This blend requires no honey or other sweetener because the cinnamon adds its own sweetness.

Lake Missoula’s Yerba Mate Chai is a warming blend that will take the edge off a rainy or gloomy day.  With the caffeine (or mateine) in the yerba mate, a cup of this will energize you when you need it while at the same time help you relax.

Argentinian yerba mate, South African rooibos, honey pollen, ginger, clove, cinnamon, black pepper, cardamom, cayenne, & flavor.

Caffeine, organic.

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