Scheherazade Shai


Our boldest chai, with robust tea and spice flavors! Chai base is from a woman owned farm in India. Read the description below to learn more.


Scheherazade Shai

Scheherazade Shai is our boldest, briskest chai.  Steep for a minute or two for a mellower brew, or longer for a hardier, spicier chai.

The Story Behind this Chai’s Name

This tea name is a double entendre.  Scheherazade is the name of tea estate owner’s favorite horse from where this tea comes.  Scheherazade is also the heroine in One Thousand and One Nights, a story based in Middle Eastern context. The heroine creatively avoids her death from king Sheheryar (who plans to have her killed due to having found out his last wife was unfaithful to him) by telling him a tantalizing story the first night of their marriage. Rather than finish the story, she strategically stops the story on a cliffhanger, forcing the king to let her live another day to finish her story the next night. This goes on for one thousand and one nights, by which the king has finally fallen in love with Scheherazade.

Shai is the Arabic variation of the word chai, meaning tea. As you drink this shai, you can imagine yourself galloping upon the back of a fine horse in a polo match, or immerse yourself in one of the gripping folk tales from One Thousand and One Nights!

India’s Nuxalbari Tea Estate

The black tea in this blend comes from Nuxalbari Tea Estate, located at the foothills of the Himalaya. Images of world renown peaks and challenges come hand in hand with the Himalaya. However, another challenge happening at the base of the Himalaya is that elephants and humans compete for habitat. Nuxalbari’s mission is to allow peaceful passage of elephants through the tea estate by replanting much of the farm into elephant habitat. Our intent is that you think about the obstacles the elephant faces while drinking this tea. We hope that by sourcing tea from Nuxalbari, they are in turn are able to continue to help the Asian Elephant find respite and safe passage at the tea estate.

Scheherazade Shai carries the Women in Tea symbol.  The tea comes from a farm owned by a woman, an uncommon phenomenon in India.

With black tea, ginger*, cardamom*, cinnamon*, clove*, *organic.

Caffeine. A made in Montana tea.

Women in tea symbol.

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