Jasmine Green


Organic tea is scented and blended with jasmine flowers. The jasmine and green tea are balanced and smooth.


Jasmine Green

Jasmine Green is a well-balanced organic tea scented and blended with jasmine flowers. This is done by laying the tea on screens over the jasmine, so the tea leaf naturally absorbs the aroma. This green tea blend is the perfect balance of jasmine and green tea. With jasmine front flavors, you can still taste the underlying layers of green tea.

This exquisite tea comes from Jingmai Mountain in Yunnan. It’s handpicked to ensure quality by the Dai from the ancient tea trees for millennia. This tea comes from a region in southern Yunnan where the 700 to 1,000 year old ancient tea trees grow. In addition, the ancient tea trees provide rich antioxidants and nutrients unique to that area alone.

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Chinese green tea*, jasmine flowers*, organic.

Caffeine. A direct source tea.

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