Hand Rolled Purple Kenyan Tea


This tea is like no other coming out of Kenya! Complex notes and brews a cup with a purple hue! Read the description below to learn more about this tea.



Hand Rolled Purple Kenyan Tea

Hand Rolled Purple Kenyan Tea is robust with a dry, rich aroma and flavor. This is one of Kenya’s best teas. Designed over 25 years ago, purple tea is a hybrid with camellia sinensis and local Kenyan plants. The result of these efforts is a tea that can withstand both frost and drought due to climatic changes. Despite growing climatic challenges, Kenyan tea farmers are able to grow this hardy tea. The flavor continues to grow more complex and delicious every year as the tea plants mature.

Due to anthocyanins (purple pigment) found in the purple color of the leaf, purple tea has enormous antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Purple tea is purported to have anti-aging and appetite suppressant qualities. This is due to the specific characteristics found in the Kenyan plants the tea is crossed with.

Customers describe Hand Rolled Purple tea as “dry, green grass flavor that is quite pleasant”, “full bodied”, and “slightly astringent with a clean finish”.  Our customers like this tea so much, a recent comment was, “Don’t ever discontinue the purple tea! It’s so good.”

Read more about our direct source purple tea and about our trip to the purple tea farm.

Organic Kenyan purple tea.



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